So your organisation works just fine. Your technical managers are gifted in what they do. Why would you want them to be more people centric?

Or maybe YOU see the importance of people skills, but your employees don’t see the value. After all, they’ve been pushed to focus only on their expertise from an early age.

Whatever their view on becoming a people centric professional, the fact still remains. The same type of people get ahead in business and life: those who can blend technical skills with people skills.

Over the last few weeks I have been defining the ENGAGE model and how it works (see What is the ENGAGE Model?). Teaching your technical managers to focus on people leadership can take your organisation to the next level. Isn’t that what you want?

The answer is to systematise the learning of the soft skills and to immerse your staff over time. Watch the video below to find out how we help organisations to do it.


Having good people skills are beneficial overall. Read this blog, this is a success story with a technical leader who knows her team was hurting but did not know what to do. See if this is happening at your workplace or perhaps you had been in a similar situation, pick up what she put in action.

For more tips, visit the Engaging Executive Vlog.