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We teach you how to
Understand, Influence & Connect.

What is an Engaging Executive?

An Engaging Executive is someone who has both technical skills and people skills.

If you’re an Engaging Executive you will:

  • Make a great first impression and be a presence in a room
  • Have mastered the art of small talk at networking events
  • Be part of the ‘in-group’, where the real decisions are made
  • Achieve mutually beneficial outcomes using a variety of influence techniques
  • Manage tough conversations or conflict skilfully and tactfully
  • Truly understand and relate to people who are very different to you
  • Motivate and empower the people you manage
  • Capture someone’s interest and leave a lasting impression

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Meet Duncan Fish

Meet Duncan Fish

“I was an incredibly shy, socially awkward young man and having found my own way out of the problem I now believe it’s my purpose to help others do the same.

Over the past 21 years I have worked with corporates, public sector and private individuals…in fact I’ve coached over 1000 people to become more engaging and influential.

And now I’d like to help you too.” 

Whether you decide to watch my free webinar series, enrol in Executive Coaching or embark on the fully transformative 90 day Engaging Executive Programme, I will show you how to bring out the ‘people person’ in you.

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“Our vision is to help clients make the workplace more engaging and people centric. By learning these skills our clients create more productive relationships and organisations. Culture begins with you.”

ENGAGE the Book

ENGAGE the Book

Why is engagement so important?

Because we are all essentially social animals we have evolved to rely on each other and to work as a team. At the very core of every human being is the need for connection, the need to feel understood and the need to feel valued.

An Engaging Executive is someone who understands how to connect on both an emotional and an intellectual level.

The Amazon best selling book Engage is a practical guide which explains how to understand, influence and connect with just about anybody, especially if you are very different to them.

The methodology for learning this is called the ENGAGE model. It has six modules:

  1.    Entrance—how to develop your presence
  2.    Network—how to build connections
  3.    Guide—how to influence and avoid resistance
  4.    Acknowledge—how to win hearts and minds
  5.    Glow—how to leave a lasting impression
  6.    Enlighten—how to coach and mentor others
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ENGAGE the Free Webinar Series

ENGAGE the Free Webinar Series

Want to know more about each stage of the ENGAGE model?

A series of 6 webinars each covering one stage of the ENGAGE model

  1. How to make a great first impression
  2. How to go from stranger to business contact in minutes
  3. The Aikido of influence
  4. The power of empathy
  5. The art of story telling
  6. Enlighten your team with coaching

These complete pre-recorded webinars are practical, informative and though provoking. Each one is just under 1 hour long and filled with useful tools you can utilise straight away!

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Discover your ENGAGE Score

This free and comprehensive questionnaire will tell you how you stack up against each component of the ENGAGE model.

Find out if you are an Engaging Executive today.

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The Engaging Executive Programme will teach you how to get
noticed, build important relationships, become an
influencer and enhance your career.

Be part of a behavioural change programme which will teach you:

  • 1How to confidently interact in business and social situations
  • 2Develop those interactions into important relationships
  • 3Feel the benefits of those relationships at home and work
  • 4Influence through the power of relationships