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What makes an Engaging Executive?

An Engaging Executive effortlessly blends strong technical skills with exemplary people skills to get results and lead people to success.

They’ve mastered the art of connecting with internal and external stakeholders to make themselves part of the ‘in-group’ where decisions are made. They can easily understand the perspectives of others to handle conflict, motivate and capture people’s interest.

Find out what makes an Engaging Executive and why it’s important by watching this video.

Who is our Ideal Client?

We help Human Resource Directors (HRD) to develop their organisation’s star performers from the technical professions. We enable these key players to go from brilliant subject matter experts to leaders worth following.

Whether you’re considering sponsoring one of your staff or interested for yourself, find out more about the challenges of the ‘technical ceiling’ and who we work with by watching this video.

The ENGAGE Model<sup>TM</sup>


Our ENGAGE model serves as the building blocks for the development of an Engaging Executive. Our model will transform your or your staff member’s ability to connect, understand and influence people by following the 6 stages:

  • Entrance – Develop your presence
  • Network – Build connections
  • Guide – Influence and avoid resistance
  • Acknowledge Win hearts and minds
  • Glow Leave a lasting impression
  • Enlighten Coach and mentor others
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Discover your ENGAGE Score

Receive your instant report by taking our free questionnaire and discover how you perform against on our ENGAGE model. Discover the areas you need to focus on to win both hearts and minds by clicking the button below.