So you’ve already been working with your managers on their face-to-face communication skills. But now your team is working remotely and your managers are facing an entirely new challenge — how to communicate effectively, virtually. What can you stress to your managers to ensure they’re still communicating with their teams in an impactful manner?

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in an issue of MIT Sloan Management Review, recommends a few ways to improve and enhance virtual communication. Leaders and managers should…

  • Be clear and consider others when communicating (do your managers need to brush up on their empathy skills?)
  • Proactively seek out communication (a lot of simple small talk and chit-chat can go a long way in making your managers’ overall communication more effective)
  • Be responsive (including providing feedback)
  • Be open and inclusive (again, having empathy)

Are your managers up to this? How are you attempting to prepare them? Here is a tip on ‘Teaching Your Leaders to Show Empathy’, read here.

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