When you have middle managers who aren’t adept at resolving conflict, it can result in higher staff turnover and an inability to retain your best new hires. You, as a senior manager, have to teach those middle managers how to start resolving conflict in your office. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be as difficult as it might seem.

There are five simple steps to properly resolving conflicts.

  1. Identify what each person in the conflict wants
  2. Diplomatically state the opposing agendas
  3. Explore what each side actually ultimately wants (below the surface level)
  4. Celebrate any mutual agendas/goals
  5. Find a mutually beneficial way to achieve the main goal

Rather than ignore conflicts on their teams or getting right in the middle of them, urge your middle managers to begin using this process. For a step by step guide on how this process works, download the free chapter from my Amazon best selling book, ENGAGE, click here.

In order to help resolve team conflict, the environment must feel comfortable for people to speak and be heard, read on here.