There are introverts in every office, but what do you do when you have an introvert on your team that really has potential? You can see that they could really go far, with their technical skills, and so much further if they added engaging social skills to the mix.

Firstly, make sure your office is an environment where people feel comfortable sharing ideas and offering input. If someone is on the verge of speaking up, they might not work up the courage if Bill from Sales is constantly interrupting and speaking over everyone on the team. Foster an environment where everyone can — and is expected to — contribute.

Then, provide them with information on building their social and public speaking skills. Whether it’s taking advantage of the many Engaging Executive resources made just for these types of employees, or taking a public speaking class, provide the tools necessary for these introverts to gain new skills.

When learning skills note the difference between Measurement vs. Development, watch this Vlog. If you would like to learn how you stack up as an Engaging Executive, then take the free questionnaire and get an instant report.