As an Organisational Psychologist and Executive Coach, I’ve noticed there’s a slight imbalance between assessment and development in the workplace. Generally, organisations invest a lot more on their executives’ assessment than they do their development.

If you’re an Human Resources Director (HRD) or Learning & Development Manager, you may put your employees through Assessment Centres or a 360-degree performance review. You’ll spend time analysing where and how your employees can improve.

You spend all this time and money on diagnosing the problem, but what about the solution? Your feedback reports and sessions are useless without a plan as to how your employees can actually do or improve upon what you’re asking from them.

I would emplore you as an HRD or a Learning & Development Manager to think about those next steps. What is the plan or roadmap from getting your executives from present state to optimum state? How do we go from good to great?

Does your organisation provide a plan along with your feedback? How so? What are your methods for focusing on development as well as assessment? Put a comment in the chat box and let’s start a conversation. I’m eager to hear your best practices!