Last week’s post on ‘Chunking’ created a lot of questions. So I thought I would break it down over the next two weeks.

When you ‘chunk up’ a conversation, you have one primary goal in mind — removing resistance and creating agreement. You do this by making the discussion more abstract which makes it easier for people to agree with. 

You can ‘chunk up’ using statements or questions.  For statements, you would focus on making the language very general and universal. This makes it virtually impossible for people to disagree with. For example, “We can all agree that making this organisation more inclusive will get better results”.

You can similarly ‘chunk up’ a conversation by asking questions. For example, “What is the purpose of this?” or “What are we trying to achieve?” You would use these when trying to remove a barrier or obstacle.

Chunking up is a method of the Pull style influence. Would you like read one of our success stories who used the Pull style which supported in building qualities such as leadership, influence and confidence? Check out this blog.