If you don’t naturally have a capacity for empathy, don’t feel like your progress as an Engaging Executive is limited. You can easily develop empathy over time, until it begins to feel natural. But where do you start?


There are three key stages to developing empathy.

The first is ‘Identification’, being able to observe someone else’s verbal and non-verbal cues to determine how they’re feeling. What does their posture say? Their tone of voice? Their eyes? The way they use their hands and feet? What does all of this tell you about their current emotional state?

The second is ‘Understanding’. Once you have an idea of someone’s emotional state, begin to ask questions so you can thoroughly imagine their perspective. Remove your perspective entirely. Just focus on them.

The third is ‘Reaction’. Once you understand someone’s emotional state, you can relate to them and join them, and then use Engaging Executive tactics to lift their energy to a more useful state. You lift them out of their misery, so to speak.

Empathy enables lots of qualities. It helps you learn how to connected well with varying people and a better leader, find out how right here. This is more so in times of crisis, check out this blog.