I work with a lot of individuals who are in very technical fields. A big hurdle for them is learning when to use technical language versus social language. There’s a big difference between the two. 

Technical language is a bit dry. It’s full of facts, figures and nothing but the rigid truth. If your endgame is to get people to like you and to win friends and influence your coworkers, then you have to ditch the technical language while you’re in social situations.

How can you begin to add a bit of sparkle to your daily vocabulary? 

A good place to start is by simply switching up how you answer the daily question, how are you? Start livening things up with a fun response. Instead of ‘good,’ go for ‘glorious.’ 

Along these lines, begin smattering your vocabulary with descriptive, fun language. Don’t choose anything overly ridiculous, but do make an effort to liven up your conversations. There’s no need for your chit-chat at a party to sound like you’re reading a textbook aloud.

A great technique to use fun language in any situation is by using Distortions, Generalisations and Deletions, read on here. Additionally, find out how to effectively set your sentences with this blog.