The success of your organisation is more reliant on your work than ever before — and it’s not just something we’re saying. Experts all around the world agree that the Human Resource Director (HRD) role is more important than ever, as HRD leaders guide their organisations’ management through a new work landscape that’s completely unfamiliar.

As one recent CNBC article said, “These Chief People Officers are the ones having daily, if not hourly, conversations with the CEO and other senior leaders on how best to navigate a situation that no one possibly could have fathomed. They’re the ones helping to keep anxiety-ridden employees informed about what’s happening with the company and up to date on the resources (financial and medical) that can help them stay calm and productive.”

Now more than ever, Human Resources skills are vital to keeping a company productive and keeping a team in sync and working together toward a common goal.

How have you noticed your HR leadership roles evolving with the coronavirus pandemic? How have your focuses shifted and how have leaders looked to you for help? Here’s a great tool to give guidance to your team, it is called GROW, read here or if you would like tips on effective communication over the internet, check out this blog.