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The Proof

Case Study: From Timid to Assertive

Getting A Return On Your Investment

In this case study Duncan speaks about a client who had the brain the size of a planet but who was unable to capitalise in the moment.

He shares how the client went from being timid and introverted, to one who fought his corner in a budget meeting to secure what his department needed, effectively returning the investment in the Engaging Executive Programme. Watch the video to see how.

Case Study: Aggressive to Inclusive

Preventing Staff Turnover

In this case study Duncan shares how a CEO enlisted his help to affect change on a star performer who was getting results but leaving a wake of destruction in his path.

In a true ‘Darth Vader’ redemption arc, this client went from a force of nature to a force for good in the business. Watch the video to see how.

What Our Participants are Saying

Most who start this program consider themselves to be in the ‘good’ category. But it becomes apparent that your own understanding of the depth of your emotional intelligence and engagement is put under the microscope in an enlightening way which provides a better informed perspective of exactly what work you have to do on your journey to ‘great’.

Senior Lawyer, Mid-Tier Law Firm

The Engaging Executive Programme has turned around the way I think, act and see the world. My environment is the same, the matters I deal with are still complex and the needs of my clients remain important. The difference is in me and how I engage.

Human Resources Manager, Department of Social Services

I liken the Engaging Executive Programme to somewhat of an interpersonal engagement ‘finishing school’. Regardless of your level of interpersonal maturity, I can guarantee that you’ll take something from it that will reap material benefits in your professional and personal life.

Network Engineer, Department of Defence

The best constructed learning design I have ever experienced. It beautifully balances theory with practicality in a supportive and fun environment with the challenge and pressure that I needed to go out of my comfort zone.

Senior Agile Coach, Commonwealth Bank

The Engaging Executive Programme has made a difference to all aspects of my life-professionally and personally. I thought the book was great but the program beds it in and has given me a framework and tools that I use every day.

Chief Information Officer, National Library of Australia

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