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Engaging Executive Programme

Create Leaders Worth Following

Our Engaging Executive Programme (EEP) has been designed for professionals who have honed their technical skills and are ready to transform their softer skills of leadership to become more confident, influential and successful with people to achieve organisational outcomes.

The pandemic impacted how we work every day. There is now an equal focus on how to connect, understand and influence both virtually and face to face. Our program comes in two formats:

  • Blended face to face & virtual
  • Fully virtual

The blended format is only available as an incompany program. You will need a minimum of 4 participants up to a maximum of 12. Our public programs, where your staff can mix with other organisations, are only offered in the virtual format to allow for a wider geographical pool of participants.

After 12 transformational weeks of the program, your staff will walk away confident in their ability to:

  • Skilfully work a room at business or social events
  • Engage and have impact during virtual meetings
  • Disengage from conversations with the skill of a Diplomat
  • Adapt to different styles of communication
  • Get cut through in conversations and be heard
  • Lead conversations with confidence
  • Tactfully resolve conflicts
  • Connect with people and develop relationships like never before
  • Engage with and entertain people
  • Give powerful and constructive feedback
  • Coach and mentor people

This is not a training course…it is a behavioural change program.  If you would like to know what makes our approach unique, watch this video.

Combine technical skills with interpersonal brilliance

The journey of becoming an Engaging Executive will take your staff beyond their comfort zone. The path to true behavioural change requires self awareness, an expert guide and immersion.

Included in their 12 weeks of immersion is:

  • A pre-program assessment
  • 6 days of highly experiential workshops
  • 72 immersive Daily Challenges
  • A Momentum App app to track your progress
  • Accelerated learning via in-the-moment feedback
  • Understanding how they come across to others via video feedback

Your staff will receive a paper, digital and audio copy of the book ‘Engage: A practical guide to understanding, influencing and connecting with people’ from our own Engaging Executive, Duncan Fish.

The Engaging Executive Programme (EEP) shows them how to achieve that vital intersection of technical and interpersonal excellence, simplifying the process into the six deconstructed stages of the ENGAGE model.

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