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The Engage Model


This stage is about being approachable.

The vital first step to being engaging is to make a noticeable entrance…

…in fact, so much rests on the first 30 seconds that this part alone can make or break your interaction with someone.

You need to know how to make use of nature’s most powerful assets because your body language is just as vital as your words:

  • your use of expression,
  • your posture,
  • your walk,
  • your voice modulation,
  • your gesticulations and most importantly,
  • your eyes.


This stage is about how to be likeable.

Once you have made contact you need to build a deep relationship quickly.

The Network stage is how to build rapport with people, whether it is an actual networking event, standing by the water cooler, during a one-to-one with a stakeholder or staff member, or even while standing next to a complete stranger anywhere.

Be able to relate to just about anyone, with some great tips on how to:

  • start a conversation with anyone,
  • go from small talk to big talk,
  • develop meaningful rapport, and then
  • disengage gracefully, leaving a positive impression.

Step 3 GUIDE

This stage is about about being influential.

Now you have become approachable and likeable people will trust you. This stage is about how to guide and steer conversations using a range of influencing techniques.

Learn how to:

  • influence by asking thought provoking questions,
  • insert yourself into conversations dominated by others,
  • use abstract language artfully,
  • resolve conflict and get a win–win outcome, and
  • marry your physiology with your voice and words to create maximum impact.


This stage is about understanding emotions.

Once you have mastered the art of influence you need to understand people and what is important to them. If not, you may become too self-centred. True leaders of people understand the emotional impact of their actions on others.

You will become:

  • more empathetic,
  • able to relate to more emotional people,
  • able to see a situation from multiple perspectives,
  • skilled at winning both hearts and minds.

Step 5 GLOW

This stage is about leaving a lasting impression.

By this stage you’re getting invited to more corporate functions, business lunches or social events. But how are you going to make sure that you are remembered…for all the right reasons?

You leave a lasting impression through:

  • capturing people’s attention,
  • telling engaging stories, and
  • using humour appropriately.


This stage is about developing others.

By this stage you will see the value of lifting your team to your level and beyond. You will do this in a way that:

  • shapes and moulds the talent around you in a way that is not teaching but coaching,
  • inspires others to greater heights through mentoring, and
  • creates a feedback culture which is constructive and positively received.

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