Are you frustrated with where you are in life? Does going to work each day make you angry, because you’re not getting what you want out of your career?

Everyone goes through tough times at work and everyone faces road blocks in their career, and this is especially true for those who have high aspirations and high expectations for themselves. However, how do you distinguish between a mere inconvenience or pet peeve at work, and a real road block? And then, how do you actually overcome that road block?

Let’s take a look at some actual road blocks that could be hindering your career and stopping you from moving ahead at work.


A Failure to Improve…Beyond Your Specialty

One road block that seems a little unclear, is that of simply being, yes, too good at your job. Not that you should ever try to not be good at your job, but you should try to become more of a leader, and less of a specialist.

Think of it this way — your boss’s goal is not to enhance your career or make sure you accomplish your dreams. Your boss has his or her own goals to achieve, and that includes making sure the employees under him or her are doing a great job.

If you’re doing a great job at one thing…why would they ever move you, or promote you? You’re doing awesome at that one thing, they want you to keep doing it!

Instead of getting incredibly good at one thing, to the point of never being able to leave that position, start developing other skills that could help you in the role you actually want, whether that’s leadership skills, negotiation skills or just being more engaging.


Not Having the Right Contacts

It can be easy to go into work and get sucked into your zone, getting your job done well and efficiently. The people who don’t seem so “in the zone,” can actually seem annoying. They’re always chatting in the break room or having some sort of social event. You’re there to work!

While diligence and hard work are both crucial, it’s also important to socialise and create the right contacts within your job’s social circle. Make friends, and then your friends will make your career. After all, in most instances, a life-changing promotion comes from being in the right place, at the right time, with the right people.


What next?

Don’t let 2018 be just like 2017 — make sure you’re continuously moving forward and getting exactly what you want out of your career, and your life. The first step? You can take a free assessment of skills against the ENGAGE model, click here.

Want to know more of the road blocks that could be holding you back from what you want to achieve in life? The best way to break down road blocks is to be able to see them, and then have the information at your disposal to knock them down! One of the ways is to ask for helpful feedback, read here on how to receive as well as give better feedback.

You’ll learn everything you need to spot a road block and knock it down, turning you into an Engaging Executive in no time! You might say, how can I have the time to learn? Fortunately, we have shared this tip for you, watch this Vlog.