Both giving and receiving feedback in the workplace can be tricky. However, if you can avoid these two mistakes you’ll be that much closer to giving and receiving valuable feedback that makes your company culture stronger.

1. Don’t take it personally (whether good or bad)

If you’re on the receiving end of feedback, don’t take it personally. View the feedback as a gift. Maybe it’s useful and you like it a lot. So put it to good use. Maybe it’s terrible and you hate it; is it still useful? Then use it. Not useful at all? Throw it out. But whatever you do, don’t take feedback as something that defines you, good or bad.

2. Don’t use the feedback sandwich model

Avoid the popular feedback sandwich model that “sandwiches” one piece of negative feedback between two pieces of positive feedback. Instead, use a three-step formula that simply includes “What Worked, “What Didn’t Work” and “In the Future.” It packages up your feedback into a simple, easy-to-understand and future-focused bundle that covers the positives, the negatives and a plan moving forward.

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