If you’re a member of an Human Resources (HR) team, you’re likely already looking ahead to the future of the workplace, post-COVID-19. But it’s not enough to simply look ahead to the future and try to anticipate what that future workplace might look like. You need to be doing something about it now.

Training and leadership development takes a while. When the future of the workplace becomes our current reality, you want your leaders to be prepared then — not ready to start their development and training then. Now’s the time to start that development, so everyone is prepared and transitioning into the future, post-pandemic workplace as quickly and easily as possible.adidas factory outlet
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Plus, if you begin training your leadership and developing those skills they’ll need even more in the future (communication, engagement, empathy, etc.), you’ll start seeing the benefits now, too. After all, when else will your team need empathy, engagement and communication more than during a worldwide crisis?

Are you planning for the future? What are your plans for upskilling your workforce? Here is a tip on how to resolve conflict for your leaders, read here.

If you would like a free assessment of skills against the ENGAGE model, click here.