Typically, the Engaging Executive Programme is a group experience, with several participants learning and growing together. But with social distancing requirements and new ways of doing business meaning fewer in-person events, I’m offering a unique opportunity for individuals to experience the Engaging Executive Programme on a one-on-one basis.

The Engaging Executive Exclusive package includes all the instruction and value of the traditional Engaging Executive Programme, but virtually. We start with a diagnostic session to find out more about the participant, and then move on to six, two-hour training and coaching sessions (with videos of each session provided for later review) and 12 weeks of daily challenges. At the end of the program, we wrap everything up with a review session.

Each part of the package will be customised to best fit the participant. If you ever were interested in the Engaging Executive Programme, either for yourself or an employee, and you just weren’t sure if it was a good fit, now’s the time to take advantage of this convenient and highly customised opportunity.

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