I hope you’ve found the videos I’ve been posting useful over the last few weeks!

Today, though, I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what our company does. In a nutshell, we’re helping executives go from good to great when it comes to understanding, influencing and connecting with others. More specifically, we generally focus on executives from STEM and professional services backgrounds — Accountants, Engineers, IT professionals, Lawyers, Actuaries, anyone who’s more of a left-brain thinker than a right-brain thinker. These individuals generally have fantastic subject matter expertise in their specialty, but sometimes not the skills to communicate to people in ways that engage both the hearts and minds.

The person who has both, is a true Engaging Executive.


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We have a great story from one of our clients, a fellow technical expert, he is a top thinker in his field but he could not understand why he has not been moving forward in his career. Read here and see if you have a similar situation as he did.

For more tips, visit the Engaging Executive Vlog.