When working from home, not having a proper work-life balance can kill productivity levels.

A recent Entrepreneur article  offered some tips that leaders are employing to keep their virtual teams productive while maintaining work-life balance.

1. Be flexible — Remote work has its challenges and that means you need to be flexible to accommodate them. Maybe it’s working in the evening hours instead of the morning. Maybe it’s working between homeschooling a child. Whatever work looks like for you and your team right now, as long as the job’s getting done, be forgiving.

2. Be respectful — Everyone’s working on different schedules. Again, be empathetic to your team. Use scheduling tools to find meeting times that work for everyone and around everyone’s home and personal lives, as well as their work lives.

3. Be understanding — Recognise the struggle your team is going through. Again, empathy goes a long way.

Developing empathy is a major part of the Engaging Executive Programme. How have you used empathy to lead your remote teams this year? Read here on how to start developing empathy.

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