Think you’re saying all the right words, but still feel like you’re not getting your message across? It might not be that your words are wrong. It could be all in your tone.

There’s quite a lot that makes up the human voice. There’s volume, intonation, tonality, tempo, timbre and rhythm. One of the most important things to learn is how to manage your volume. If you’re too soft, your message falls on deaf ears. If you’re too loud, you come off abrasive and people might just steer clear of you. Once you know you’re not too loud nor too soft, you can start modulating your volume within a conversation to place emphasis on certain words.

As for the other aspects of your voice, think of them like aspects of a symphony. When used correctly, they all come together to make beautiful music that will delight your listeners.

Take a recording of yourself talking. Your volume, speed and tempo should all differ according to your message. An effective communicator can master the art of the voice in this way.

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