The coronavirus pandemic is changing the way we work for good. But what will the future look like? Experts are trying to predict just that.

A recent Forbes article noted reports showing more workplaces will go remote permanently. However, this remote landscape creates communication difficulties, which the article suggests could be solved via asynchronous communications.

CNN likewise published an article by a Society for Human Resource Management chief knowledge officer, who agreed with the trend for more workplaces to go remote. The article also stressed the vital role Human Resources (HR) leaders will play.

While you already know the importance of the HR role, more and more experts are acknowledging it. Moving forward, HR professionals will be the ones helping leadership navigate the murky waters of remote work, new communication and new ways of providing feedback and judging team performance.

Leaders who are already Engaging Executives will have a much easier time partnering with HR professionals to overcome these challenges. If you would like to know what to do as a leader in times of crisis, read here.