It is a crazy time. Organisations are having to think quickly and respond to something very few would have ever planned for. This will have consequences at a government, corporate and small business level. All of these employ individuals; some of which will be suffering emotionally and financially.

As leaders, we need to create certainty where there is no certainty. We need to provide empathy, despite our own personal concerns. In a time of social distancing we need to ensure that it does not become social isolation.

Where emails may have been used to supplement meetings, we need to ensure that email and text messages do not become the only mediums of communication during a lockdown.  Make sure you build in the use of the phone and video meetings to create that personal connection. Hearing a voice or seeing a face is more important now than ever.

What are you doing to create social connection is a time of social distancing? Near or far, a great way to process how it would be for everyone is by The Perceptual Positions Process, read here.