Most would agree: at the end of the day, profitability keeps your organisation open — not a great office culture and not how well your staff gets along. However, if you take this statement at the surface level, you may be all too apt to neglect your office culture and suffer the consequences as a result.

The relationship between employee engagement at work and employees’ profitability-impacting performance is substantial, as one recent Forbes article can attest.

If you’re only focused on profitability and your bottom line, and you neglect organisational culture, you’re likely to see profitability drop.

One Queen’s University Centre for Business Venturing study found that organisations with engaged cultures experienced, over 10 years:

  • 65% greater share-price increases
  • 26% less employee turn-over
  • 100% more unsolicited employee applications
  • 15% greater productivity
  • 30% greater customer satisfaction levels

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What are you noticing about your office culture?

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