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Discovery Session

90 Minute Discovery Session

90 Minute Discovery Session

Do you want to be able to connect with and influence other people more effectively?
…get that promotion you deserve
…effortlessly engage new people in conversation
…develop your interpersonal skills

But you’re not sure just where to begin?

My 90 Minute Discovery Session is an insightful and thought provoking one-on-one session that allows you to quickly identify your strengths and development areas against the ENGAGE model.

How does the Discovery Session Work?

How does the Discovery Session Work?

  1. You complete an online Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)® which provides scientifically validated data
  2. We chat one-on-one via a video conference link, so your location is never a problem, and we work through a 70 question ENGAGE model survey and your Personality Questionnaire results
  3. You receive immediate, individual feedback in a safe and supportive, risk-free environment
  4. We create a personalised development plan to help you target the areas you need to develop to become an ‘Engaging Executive’
  5. After the session you’ll also receive a soft copy of my book, Engage, with personally selected chapters related to your development plan to help you achieve that vital intersection of technical brilliance and interpersonal excellence.
Who is the Discovery Session for?

Who is the Discovery Session for?

Maybe you’ve watched one of my videos or read my Engage book and you’d like some personal feedback?

Or perhaps you’re thinking about enrolling in Executive Coaching or the Engaging Executive Programme and you’d like to know more about the ENGAGE model?

If you want to learn how to connect with others on both an emotional and an intellectual level, the Discovery Session is your first step towards understanding how to become a person of influence.

Want to work with an executive coach who’s helped thousands of people just like you?

Using a proven coaching programme which consistently delivers outstanding results?

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