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Executive Coaching

Are your softer skills of leadership holding you back?

Are your softer skills of leadership holding you back?

Leading people can be tough, can’t it?

You probably wonder how some people are just so good at it.

They seem to effortlessly create an engaging and safe environment that allows others to thrive.

But what if I told you there was a way you could do this too?

We can offer you a virtual coaching package that shows YOU, in just a few sessions, how to become:

…a person of influence

…an Engaging Executive


What do I get?

What do I get?

Our executive coaching package is for those unable to attend the Engaging Executive Programme.

After having a Discovery Session you may decide that taking the one-to-one route is best for you, where you can work at your own pace. We will:

  • create a personal action plan tailored to your needs
  • design specific interactive coaching sessions
  • conduct role-plays to enhance your practice
  • set you weekly challenges for real world practice
  • create an on-line learning journal to check your progress

You also will receive a PDF copy of my book ‘Engage’, which shows you how to achieve that vital intersection of technical and interpersonal excellence, simplifying the process into the six stages of the ENGAGE model.

In your coaching package you will:

In your coaching package you will:

  1. be coached via video conferencing anywhere in the world
  2. be introduced to the ENGAGE model
  3. be videoed practising mini ROLE PLAY exercises
  4. receive INDIVIDUAL FEEDBACK to identify exactly where you need to focus your development
  5. learn TOP TIPS on how to become an ‘Engaging Executive’
  6. end each session with your very own video of our conversation so you can review and consolidate

How do I sign up?

Want to work with an executive coach who’s helped thousands of people just like you, using a proven coaching methodology which consistently delivers outstanding results? Click on the link below to arrange a chat.

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