There are many hurdles introverts have to overcome in order to reach their success. Here are two of the biggest hurdles I see get in the way of introverts developing their leadership skills.

1. Communicating in groups

Introverts don’t naturally like to communicate in groups…at least, not at first. However, effective communication is absolutely vital to any effective leader. Lots of introverts struggle with group communicating at first, but once they get in some practice, they can learn the tools needed to communicate with ease.

2. Social awkwardness

You want to lead, but why would anyone want to follow you? You might know you have great ideas, but there could still be a lot of social awkwardness you’re struggling with. After all, you’re not (yet!) the one everyone looks at when you walk into a room, or the one leading the conversation at the water cooler. However, again, with a little practice, you can wipe away that self-doubt for good.

Knocking off each hurdle one at a time, go with that drive and read on here.