If you’re just beginning your Engaging Executive journey, you’ve likely come across a question that plagues many of my clients. Many ask me, “Duncan, how can I come across as more confident?”

Here’s one little quick tip that can be extremely useful, particularly if you’re on the more introverted side, as so many of my clients are.

If you’re more introverted, it’s likely that you’re not as comfortable making direct eye contact. But, have you ever been inspired with confidence by someone who stares at their feet the entire time they’re talking to you? Not highly likely.

But what about someone who just seems to be able to hold your gaze effortlessly? You trust them, you’re engaged and you’re listening, because they seem extremely confident. So, if you’re not that comfortable with eye contact, what do you do?

Focus your gaze on your listener’s left eye.


First of all, you’ll come across as maintaining extremely solid eye contact. Secondly, you’ll be able to pick up on more of the listener’s emotions. The left side of the face displays slightly more emotions than the right side, so if you’re training yourself to look in a person’s left eye, you’re also more likely to be more aware of their emotional cues.

Try it out the next time you’re having an important conversation! Become more confident with another tip with the ‘Oak in the Wind’ stance, read here. For more Vlogs, visit the Engaging Executive Vlog.