Many managers are very familiar with giving feedback to their employees. Even if feedback isn’t a common part of their company’s culture, they usually at least do yearly reviews or something similar. But should those managers also be asking their employees for feedback?

Absolutely. Everyone has room for improvement and, not only will asking your employees for their feedback on your performance give you keen insight into your own leadership skills and employees’ perception of you, but it will also set a great example.

When you do year-end, month-end or even week-end reviews (yes, some companies do performance reviews even that frequently), ask your employees to likewise give you some feedback. Ask them to tell you one thing that you’ve been doing that’s working, one thing that isn’t and something you could do differently in the future. Then, wait for the answers to roll in. When there’s a consistent theme across the board, then you have your answer. There’s something you need to work on in your daily work life.

A method to ask for feedback is to gradually chunk down in the conversation. Do you know ‘How to ‘Chunk Down’ in a Conversation’? Read here.