In any given conversation, if your body language does not appropriately match your words, you’re more likely to have an incongruent message. This is why it’s so important that you use your body language effectively.

Here are some questions to help you get started. 

What are your hands and facial features doing when you talk to someone else? Does your face ever contradict your words? What is your body language telling others when you confront a colleague? Ask for a promotion or a raise? Or even just tell a story at the company get together?

The first step to effective body language is to make sure your words and body language aren’t contradictory. Then it’s time to add some pizazz to your body language, so you have the power to hold your listeners’ attention. Practice telling a story in the mirror. Note what your eyebrows, mouth, eyes and hands are all doing. What could you improve to be more congruent in your message?

Remember to look at their eyes and not on their feet, read here on the power of eye contact. Check out this story from a client who once had the most abhorrent storytelling skills but now, can dazzle and captivate audiences. 

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