Nearly 70 percent of professionals make some sort of career-related New Year’s resolution…but we all know how New Year’s resolutions normally go. You start out strong and then lose steam somewhere in mid-January or February.

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. Planning for the upcoming year now can spell out success for 2019.


Here are two easy ways to make sure your career resolution sticks around longer than just a few weeks.

  • Be clear and definitive. The more vague your goal, the less likely you’ll achieve it. Don’t just make a plan to “network more.” Decide how you’ll actually go about it. How many networking events will you attend in January? Who do you want to meet? What’s the end result of all this networking?
  • Make an investment. When people are serious about their fitness goals, they get a gym membership. Invest in yourself in regards to your career goals as well. What are the books, courses and memberships that will help you reach your goals?


Want to learn more?

A great way to come up with your goals is by using vision boards, read on here.

If your career goals for 2019 are to become more engaging and influential, develop your interpersonal relationships and fine-tune your social skills, the Engaging Executive Programme can help or watch this Vlog an introduction to the programme.