Think your workplace culture is fine? While you haven’t been putting a huge emphasis on it, it’s still doing okay?

Take a closer look.

What’s your turn-over rate like? How engaged are employees? What’s your absenteeism rate? Have you noticed destructive behaviours among management and teams?

If so, your workplace culture might be toxic.

Toxic workplace cultures can simply pop up when there’s no conscious emphasis on creating a positive workplace culture, whether it’s through one bad hire or one bad manager. But once that culture is embedded in your organisation, it can breed distrust, stress, dissatisfaction, a lack of teamwork and a lack of relationships in the office — all bad things for productivity.

If you find yourself wishing your teams were more engaged and more enthusiastic, if you find yourself wishing that you could keep good talent around for the long-haul, or that you could find good talent to begin with, you may need to take a hard look at your culture, as that may be the problem.

What are some of the impacts you’ve seen from poor workplace culture?

Perhaps the leadership style is a factor, read here and and check if it is damaging morale.

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