If you aim to lead your employees to greatness, you’ll need to learn the art of influence. There are two primary methods of influence that I’ve found to be most effective: the Push and Pull styles of influence. They’re totally opposite, but both very valuable when used correctly.

The Push method of influence pushes those around you toward your goals for them and the team as a whole. It gets them on your side, thinking the same way, headed in the same direction.

The Pull method of influence, however, gets those same people closer to what you’d like for them, but by tapping into their own desires. Using the Pull method, you can harness these desires for your own means, getting every team member in your office working toward a beneficial goal, but all under the impression that they’re, in fact, working toward a goal that benefits them personally.

If you can master both methods of influence, you can start leading your employees to a greater place.

To learn more on Pull style read here and for the Push style watch this Vlog.