Have you ever showed up late to a networking event and experienced that initial burst of panic? All of the sudden, you don’t have an upper hand. Everyone’s already paired off, talking in groups, and you’re the odd man or woman out.

Take a tip from my Amazon best-selling book, ENGAGE. This simple technique is called “Two’s a Company, Three’s a Networking Opportunity.”


From the previous Vlog, we discussed what to do when you are alone and someone else is alone as well, to check it out, watch here.

Now, if you see two people standing and talking to one another, if you try to worm your way into their conversation, you’ll likely be seen as intrusive and rude. However, if you come across a group of three — well, then, there’s your networking opportunity.

Groups of three or more are generally holding less intimate, more casual conversations and it will be easier for you to work your way into the discussion in a natural, friendly manner. It’s just one of the simple tips you’ll uncover through the Engaging Executive Programme, which provides you with proven, easy-to-implement strategies to improve your social performance at work.


As you work up your skills, your network and yourself, your chances to being a leader is nearing as well. Read here on how to take risks and gain followers. For more tips, visit the Engaging Executive Vlog.