You’ve likely put a focus on ensuring your managers are good leaders who can confidently drive a team to achieve your group’s goals. However, how do you shift your aspirations for these managers when working remotely?

It may just take a shift in focus, to some of the traits that are most valuable when leading virtually. While opinions may differ on which traits are the most in demand right now, a lot of business leaders are agreeing on some of the top traits you need to cultivate in your managers.

Gallup recently put out a report on remote management and suggested managers needed to learn to be good listeners, to communicate frequently and to trust their teams to make good choices while working remotely.

The Harvard Business Review stresses the importance of communication now more than ever, with regular, daily check-ins, different ways of engaging and not just work-related communication, but social communication as well. The HBR article also brings up the need for managers to show empathy to their remote employees.

What are the key traits you think your leaders need most while working virtually? A great way to place in empathy is by the Pull style influence. Check out one of our success stories in building qualities such as leadership, influence and confidence, read here.