One of my favourite topics as an executive coach and educator is influence. Many of the clients who come to me are on the introverted or outwardly passive side and this can lead, in the workplace, to their ideas not being heard. As a result, they may get pushed around a little bit by their more aggressive coworkers. It can be a very frustrating situation. If it continues, these clients will never reach their career goals.

This is where the Push style of influence comes into play. The more assertive of the two styles (Push vs. Pull), it teaches the key ingredients needed to stand up for one’s self and one’s opinions. It’s all about how you use your voice, words and body language. When used correctly, the three combine for a powerful effect.

The push style requires short, direct verbiage, so there’s no doubt as to what you’re saying. You project your voice so that it’s clearly heard, without shouting. Your sentences are short, your tone, commanding. Your body language includes solid eye contact, while facing your peers head-on and using purposeful gestures.

Next time you’re in a position at work where you need your voice to be heard, try these simple changes and gauge the improvement in the impression you make. You may just be surprised at the shift in your colleagues’ reactions!

If you find this interesting, watch this Vlog for a demonstration on how to get your point in the conversation. For more tips, visit the Engaging Executive Vlog.