What is the biggest predictor of success? According to some studies, the best predictor of career success is networking. More specifically, it’s keeping an open network.

An open network exposes you to new, innovative ideas. An open network challenges you. A closed network feeds you the same opinions on a loop. Individuals who are challenged and exposed to new ideas regularly are shown to become more successful, versus those that keep themselves closed off.

This not only means that you need to network in order to see success, it means that you have to continue networking over time, as it’s likely that if you only develop a handful of relationships, you’ll never encounter anything new or challenging later on.

What’s one way that you can ensure that you’re continuously networking with individuals who are likely not in your current circle? Mentoring. As you help your mentee network, your mentee will naturally introduce you to people in their own circle, individuals who are likely younger than you, below you on the industry ladder and thus have some challenging and new ideas.

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