Yes, the right organisational culture relates to happier, engaged employees. Yes, the right culture can likewise cut down on employee turnover and save you costs when it comes to hiring.

But if you’re currently not seeing much turnover on your team, how can creating a high-performance culture still benefit your team financially?

It all comes down to engagement — and that’s why you should really take a good hard look at how engaged your employees are and actually care about it.

According to a Gallup survey, if about 20% of workers are disengaged or disconnected from their work, that can impact the overall economy by about $300 billion. On the flip side, the survey also found that if this number was decreased to just 15% of workers being disengaged, it could benefit the economy by $79 billion.

Employees that aren’t engaged are costly, but engaging just a small percentage of those disengaged employees can reap big rewards.

How are you actively working to engage your disengaged employees (and we all have them)?

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