Have you been considering taking on a role as a mentor? Mentoring can be a very rewarding experience, but not just for your mentee. Here’s why mentoring may be a great next step for your career.

1. You Keep Your Networking Skills Sharp

One of the roles a good mentor plays is that of introducer, helping the mentee expand their network within your industry. As you build your mentee’s network, they’ll bring new individuals into your circle as well, particularly younger colleagues. This keeps you in touch with the needs and goals of those just starting in your industry, giving you a better look at the future of your field.

2. You Benefit From Your Own Advice

Often, mentoring means you’re actively giving your mentee advice and suggestions as to their next career steps or developments. The same sage advice you serve your mentee could be served right back to yourself, whether it’s advice on working with others to tips on how to climb the corporate ladder.

3. The Benefits are Proven

Check out the research on mentoring at the link below, but to sum it up: mentors over time report greater job satisfaction, greater career success and greater work-related fulfillment.

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