The emergence of an Engaging Executive is a magical thing. As your employees find their inner voice and start to blossom into well-rounded leaders in your company, you’ll find that everyone has their surprising moments, not least of all when these Engaging Executives ‘in training’ get to the stage of the process wherein they learn how to assert themselves and influence others. It’s here that they’re learning about their own voice and how to tap into their own power to make things happen, whether that’s getting their coworkers onto their own agenda, or drawing on their teammates’ own hopes and dreams to advance everyone’s goals.

Take, for example, Julia. One of my clients, she’s just completed my most recent Engaging Executive Programme and she found that learning to assert her opinion and learning the two main styles of influence we discuss — push and pull —to be where she’s found the greatest success.

One of Julia’s leaders is a very technical scientist, a man who has a sky-high view of the business. He’s the idea guy and not necessarily the operations guy. He sees things differently than Julia, who’s on the ground, actually turning his ideas into actionable projects. Because of this difference in viewpoints and the subsequent relationship, Julia’s always been a little passive toward him and on the quiet side, letting him do what he’s best at and going around him to get things done as needed.

However, through her work training to be an Engaging Executive, she’s discovered her own voice and isn’t so passive with this particular boss anymore. Just take her word for it, as she shares her story:

Did you hear what she said? This man physically took a step backward after hearing her assert herself and her opinions. She knew better than him what needed tobe done to accomplish a taskfor the company and so she took it upon herself to speak up and say something. She was innoway being rude or disrespectful to her boss, but she was showing that she has an opinion, a voice and will step up to the plate when called upon for the betterment of the company.

She calls this her biggest success since starting the Engaging Executive Programme.

Does Julia sound like any of your employees? Do you have team members who are more passive than not, always nodding along and afraid to speak up or say anything in contradiction to you? Afraid to collaborate, not willing to risk throwing out an idea or pushing their own ideas onto the group?

If you believe that your team members have more to give, consider giving them access to the any of the 6 FREE webinars on our website, so they can begin understanding the power of their own voices. Once they’re aware of the change they could enact and the acceptance they’ll likely receive from their fellow peers, they’ll not only find more satisfaction in themselves and their
own skills, but also in their workplace and working experience. It’s a free resource, I hope you find it helpful.