What are your thoughts on networking events? Do you hate them? Love them? If you’re the type who dreads networking events with a passion, and finds yourself not getting that much (if anything) out of them, my latest workshop could be for you.

How are you about small talk? Could you babble on for days about any topic under the sun? Or do you struggle to get a conversation flowing? Do you feel awkward and uncomfortable when you’re stuck in a small talk situation? This workshop is for you, too.


“The Art of Engagement” is coming up in Sydney, Australia. We’re going to cover how to make the most of those networking events, become a confident conversationalist and increase your influence, as you discover your inner Engaging Executive.

Stop missing out on opportunities because your social skills might not be on par with your technical aptitude. It’s time to grab the bull by the horns and take control of your career.


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