The practical tips and tricks found throughout the Engaging Executive Programme can sometimes seem too simple to work, almost too good to be true. It’s not just the individual tips that are the driving force behind your transformation into an Engaging Executive. It’s combining all of them together into one powerful mixture that causes the real transformations to occur.

Take it from Connie. Describing her experience with the programme, she notes, “I think my biggest success really is using the techniques applied through this programme in combination.”

Since starting the Engaging Executive Programme, Connie has moved from one team in her organisation to another.

In her first team, she had great rapport with her co-workers, knew them well, they got along splendidly. Things were easy.

Then, however, she moved into the unknown, onto this new team where she wasn’t quite sure of her coworkers’ motives or the inner social workings of the team, so things became a little bit murky.

“I’ve moved into a new role, a new team, and it’s forced me to think [about] where these people are coming from. I’m putting myself in their position and understanding them, listening to them …” she says.

“Every day is an opportunity to use the techniques [from the programme] in combination, so the Contextual Hooks to start our conversation, followed by the QVR (Question Validate Reciprocate), followed by the Pulling and the Pushing, the Universal Statements … and it all just happens really magically in the conversation.”


As you learn the Engaging Executive mindset, Connie’s experience can become yours, as it becomes more natural for you to use all of the little skills you’ve learnt in tandem, for a better effect.

Think of it this way — when you’re learning to play the piano (or many other instruments), you start off learning basic skills: how to read the sheet music, how to count time, where the notes are on the piano, how to use the pedals and so on and so forth. Not one skill on its own will make you a world-class pianist. Put them all together, though, and you could be extraordinary.

It’s the same way the Engaging Executive Programme works. All the little bits and pieces are good skills to have, but the real magic happens when you combine them all for one spectacular effect. Before you know it, you’re combining Engaging Executive skills in a single conversation or social interaction without even knowing it. It just becomes second nature!

I know it sounds a little unbelievable, but does the child learning to play their first chord expect that it’ll all lead up to playing Mozart or Bach? They have to trust the process and the system.


So, are you ready to get started mastering the basics, so you can mix them all together into one impressive symphony? See the same transformation that Connie has experienced, as you learn to understand, influence and connect with others. It all starts when you sign up for a quick consultation to discuss the best path forward for you and your career. You can do this by clicking this link.

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