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Who would benefit from the Engaging Executive Programme?

Our program has been designed for professionals looking to perfect their interpersonal skills. You might be an expert in your field and have unmatched technical skills, but if you can’t manage a team, build a network or influence the people around you, you won’t become a leader. The Engaging Executive Programme is the key to taking the next steps in your career if you:


  • Have been identified as a ‘talent’ in your company or industry
  • Are in mid-level management and want to break into a senior leadership role
  • Are dedicated to your professional development and ready to put in the hard work to go from good to great


What can we help you to achieve?

● Make a great first impression and have a presence in the room
● Build connections, engage with and influence others
● Confidently interact in both business and social situations
● Learn to manage conflict with confidence and tact
● Develop interactions into important relationships
● Strengthen the capability of those you manage

You can learn via real world application, become accountable for your daily practice as part of an accountability group, take part in highly experiential workshops and measure your progress via a before and after diagnostic as well as video feedback.