As the business landscape evolves in response to COVID-19, one thing is sure: the things we value most about our workplaces are becoming increasingly clear. We’re realising the things that make our workplaces tick and what keeps our employees engaged and loyal.

As you might expect with many employees working remotely, one of the workplace values that’s begun taking centre stage is connection. Employees want to feel connected to their teams even while working remotely. Are leaders in your organisation facilitating this?

One thing I have noticed during this working at home era is that people are forgetting to socialise at work. You log into a meeting and get straight down to task.

But connection is vital if you want your employees to remain productive and happy. A Forbes article  touted the benefits of connection between coworkers, including increased engagement, increased loyalty, less stress and improved health. Not to forget, connected and engaged employees are better leaders.

How are you keeping employees connected during these unprecedented times? Need coaching and techniques on how to engage, connect and inspire your team? Check out this blog.

Perhaps you are task-driven and you question this connection, read Bill’s story  as he turned from a robot into a an actual living, breathing individual in his work place.