No matter how the work environment changes in the future, post-pandemic, one thing is certain. Whether we’re all working remotely or in-office, we’ll need to communicate, and that vital communication process must be one everyone can engage in easily.

Exceptional communication, though, starts with leaders and works its way down. If you have a leader who’s not exceptional at communicating, the rest of your team won’t fare any better.

A recent Forbes article from the head of comms and public affairs at Global Strategy Group notes that, now and in the future, team members will need leaders to provide better and more communication. The article encourages leaders to communicate frequently, engagingly, and to anticipate a change in corporate culture that embraces communication training.

When it comes to this communication training, an excellent place to start is with the Engaging Executive Programme. It offers a sophisticated learning ecosystem which enables leaders to excel at connecting, understanding and influencing others.

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