I’ve often been asked, so what is it exactly that you do at The Engaging Executive? It’s pretty simple.

I’m on a mission to put the importance of people back in the workplace. With so much of today’s success driven by data and deadlines, we are losing the ability to connect, spending more time with our screens than face to face. I believe, however, a true leader is someone who has the talent and a clear vision for their organisation, but also the ability to connect with, inspire and develop their employees.

That’s what I do — help those leaders learn to connect, inspire and develop.


How does it happen?

I offer a series of different services for my clients, including one-on-one coaching, short workshops and a full premium 90-day transformational Engaging Executive Programme.

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Now you might say, I understand what you are saying but it seems impossible to have that in my work environment. How would you know how to help? Well, fortunately, coaching applies to all fields. Know the basics and anyone can be a coach. The real question is ‘What makes a good coach?’ Find out with this blog.

Also, keep an eye out for more videos with tips and tricks to help you along your own Engaging Executive journey. Visit the Engaging Executive Vlog.