How are you ensuring your staff are still getting the leadership development they need, when we’re all working virtually? And then, when you are able to give your leaders training, how do you actually give them an opportunity to practice what they’ve learned?

It can be difficult to keep your leaders upskilled during this time, as your leaders may need to learn new and different skills that can address working virtually and the unique challenges that come with leading a remote team. Are your leaders prepared to work in this new, virtual world?

We are developing a virtual live training program called ‘The Virtual Leader’. It is a 14 week behavioural change program consisting of live virtual modules, digitally delivered daily challenges, a pre and post assessment plus full accountability measures. It covers:

  1. Engaging virtually
  2. Connecting virtually
  3. Empathising virtually
  4. Influencing virtually
  5. Resolving conflict virtually
  6. Coaching virtually

If you would like to discuss about this and more, book a chat with me with this link here. Or learn how we help you become an Engaging Executive, with this Vlog.