Never really considered your company’s culture before? Not sure if it’s good, bad or somewhere in-between?

According to Forbes article, if you have any of the below, chances are good you have a toxic company culture:

– Leadership is more concerned with power than productivity
– Rules and policies take precedence over flexibility (and, again, productivity)
– Lack of engagement leads to a lack of community

However, if you don’t notice the above, and you’re more likely to see the following in your workplace…

– A flexible environment that encourages creative and curious problem-solving
– Leadership that’s concerned with engaging and developing employees to their best potential
– Clear and concise communication, especially from management
– Low turn-over and lots of applicants whenever you do have an open position

…then those are just a few of the signs that you’re on the right track.

What are some signs that you look for, to ensure you’re doing your job creating a positive work environment for your employees (and in turn, helping your bottom line)?

Perhaps, it seems fine to you but check in with a few co-workers and see what they noticed. Communication is also a factor of the work environment, more on this topic, here.

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