As just about every office team in the world goes to working remotely, many managers are struggling to remain connected to their teams. Pandemic or no pandemic, the need for teams to stay engaged and connected still exists. You can help your managers make that connection happen, all while using the technology they already have on hand.

How? Take a page from the book of folks who are already successfully creating connection among their virtual teams. A recent CNBC article asked HR leaders at top companies how their teams are staying connected, and they had some pretty good ideas.

One team, for example, is tapping into the importance of small talk. They’ve set up a video chatroom that’s essentially a virtual water cooler, where team members can meet, chat and make connections. At The Engaging Executive, we believe this is a cornerstone that often gets overlooked, but that can be a huge rapport builder between team members. We have set up virtual Friday drinks.

Can your team do something similar? Ask your managers to come up with some new ideas for recreating office connections using virtual technology.

What idea would you like to share? Click here for tips in getting into the social mindset.