Disappointed in your current workplace culture? There’s no better time to build a better culture, but where do you start?

The Harvard Business Review (link  to the review) broke down building a high-performance culture into three easy, simple steps.

  • Define your culture and how you’ll measure cultural success
  • Make a small selection of meaningful changes at once
  • Integrate cultural changes into your business activities

You can begin building a better workplace culture today by employing these simple strategies. Start measuring data on things like employee turn-over and employee satisfaction scores. Don’t overload yourself by trying to change the entire company at once (a sure recipe for burnout). Incorporate changes into the day-to-day, to make the changes as seamless and as stress-free as possible.

Whether your goal is to increase employee development or to create an environment of empathy and emotional intelligence (all things discussed in the Engaging Executive Programme! ), it all starts with your workplace culture.

What are your culture goals?

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