The wrong hire can be costly. One study from this article  found that a bad hire can cost you anywhere from 30% to 150% of the position’s salary. And if you’re attempting to create a high-performance culture within your organisation, the costs of a bad hire can be even greater. The wrong individual can completely derail your efforts.

What should you look for when hiring?

In many instances, you should look for the same qualities you want to develop in your current teams:

– Curiosity
– Flexibility
– A Desire to Grow and Add Value

Above and beyond a new employee’s ability to do the actual job set before them, how do they want to grow, expand and engage?

In some instances, these qualities are even more important than an applicant’s ability to do the technical aspects of the job you’re hiring for. After all, technical skills can often be taught more easily than soft skills.

What do you find are the most important qualities to look for in job candidates, when you’re hiring new employees for your high-performing work environment?

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